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    Lightbulb Building

    Parts done:

    - Interchange place
    - Old camp
    - New camp
    - Old camp - New camp road
    - Fletcher!'s hut & Aidan's hut
    - Orcish arena
    - Old camp outskirts
    - Southern forest
    - Old camp - Swamp camp road
    - The ancient monastery
    - The river & river banks
    - Troll valley & Bandit camp

    Work in progress:

    - Swamp camp
    - Free mine (Outside part done)
    - Old mine (Entrance done)
    - The Fog Tower
    - Northern forest
    - New camp outskirts


    #please post your finished structures to the Building updates thread for us to make progress easier to track.

    NOTE: Every little bit helps, but when you're building anything, you should either have the game itself (Gothic) or get access to some screenshots, so that you know what way to build stuff. In case of greater, more significant structures (Camps, major areas...), presence of a builder or an admin is required. If you think yourself a competent builder, why not show us and ask for it; there is room for every skilled person.

    P.S. Interested in a quick overlook? Check out the DynMap at through your browser!
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