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    Roleplayer's handbook by Lorlen

    RolePlayers Handbook
    Welcome to the RolePlayers Handbook.

    This guide is aimed at helping new players understand the nature of roleplaying, and hopefully allow you to quickly engage in RP events.
    It also aims to set out some basic rules for those wanting to create events.

    What is RPG?

    The roleplaying game, abbreviated RPG, is the cornerstone of the MineColony. You write the story of your own character, how he interacts with other people, makes friends and overcomes peril. Dangers lurk around every corner, should the adventurer so desire. It's easier said than done, though.
    It stands to reason that your character is simply what it says on the tin: a normal character, and not a hero. Pen your character as you wish, but take into consideration external factors as well. Wounds leave scars. Your character interacts with the world around him as a normal human being would, not as an immortal chosen of the gods. No-one's pointing a gun at you to be friendly all of the time, but the other extreme should also be avoided. No-one likes whiny people. Newcomers have about as much a say in the Colony as a dying meatbug.

    The Game World

    The Gothic universe during the Gothic 1 period serves as the setting for the MC. The orc conquest is in full force; the trade in Khorinis is flourishing. Your character is a simple convict, and by no means the hero of Gothic 1. The past is over; all you are is a criminal. The magic barrier enclosing the valley ensures that all those who attempt escape wind up dead on the other side. As the years trudged on, several camps came into being. The Old Camp was the first of its kind, trading directly with the king, its headquarters set in and around the old town. Following the separation between the fire and water mages, the New Camp was reared, where the water mages are free to pursue their ideologies and research. And, finally, there is always the Sect, worshipping their eerie god, the Sleeper, whose promises of liberation stoke the hearts of his followers. There are even rumours about a circle of Necromancers living in the dark corners of the colony, inflicting their black magery upon the world.

    Your Character

    Your character and login name are the same. For this reason silly names are not looked kindly upon. In-game titles and ranks will always be accompanied by your character’s name.
    So. You've got a good name. And now what?
    Simply put, no-one has an easy life in the colony, at least not while they're still greenhorns. All you've got are your knowledge and the clothes off your back.

    General Rules of RP

    Stay in character. If you have any problems use the PM (Private Messaging) system or the forums.
    Ensure that you are "Ready for RP" and the image is Green by clicking on it.
    Create a colour code to differentiate between Actions, Thoughts and Spoken Words. RP isnt just about what your character says, its about what he does and the emotions behind it.
    Remember your position within the Game.. A new convict has no power at all. Work hard to earn trust

    Types of RP

    There are multiple types (situations) of RP that are discussed below. The first paragraph describes the type and the following paragraphs explain how they work.


    Campfire is the simplest form of RP. It is simply when 2 or more people get together and talk. It is always a good place for new players to interact and understand the system. This also includes simple 1 liners of entering and leaving the camps.. you'll see this in the camps mainly.

    Just join in and chat.

    Small Adventure

    Small Adventures are undertaken in small groups (2-3 players) where players go out and RP an event or small story.

    These adventures are generally not planned in advance. Using the ingame PM (Private Messaging) system, it is easy to ask if someone is interested in RP'ing for an hour and specifying an event. The RP is open, in that the players can decide what happens as they go, although it is recommended to have a "leader" to guide actions.

    Camp Events

    Camp events are those run by leaders of the camp you are affiliated to. That's not to say only members of that camp can participate, but it is usually geared that way. They can consist of tasks that need to be done, or events within the camp that need resolving. Examples include: The guard being ordered to clear the woods, Magician lost his rune belt....

    Some of these events can be unplanned, and are usually smaller events. As an example, FireMagician Lorlen lost his rune belt. It was advertised in the notice area of the Old Camp, and then players let it play out. These are slow events as they are not time based, and last over a week or so until someone guides it to a conclusion. In my example, a digger found the belt but was beaten up and lost it (this wasnt scripted by Lorlen, the digger made it up) so now the belt resides somewhere else... its still unresolved.

    Planned Camp Events are larger events, trying to engage more players at a given time. As such, I'll discuss this with World Events, they operate the same, only the participants are different.

    World Events

    World Events are actions that engage multiple camps / all players.

    These will always be planned in the forums and consist of a large amount of players. Roles are usually assigned to people beforehand (what they do) and key events plotted. Because of the large amount of players, there is usually an RP order, meaning that you can only speak when it is your turn to speak. All of this SHOULD be posted in the forum post about the event, so when the event happens, it can run smoothly.

    But How Do I Take Part?
    • If you want to start some RP, simply PM anyone who is online asking if they have time to RP with you We are all here for that reason... So don't be shy.
    • Campfires you can simply join in.
    • Small Adventures, to arrange them just PM people who are active to RP and see if anyone is interested.. If you see someone else's adventure going on, PM one of them and ask to join (its just polite)
    • Unplanned Camp Events, just join in.. Read the RP so you understand it and take part.
    • Planned Camp Events & World Events will have entries in the Forums. Register on the forums and post stating that you want to take part.
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    Creating events

    Event Planning
    As a first warning, I'd advise that only players with experience plan and organise events..
    If you have ideas but don't know how to run it, you can always post them in the RP Ideas thread. LINKY

    Event planning requires multiple aspects to be covered.. Hopefully this will help with some of those

    Key Events

    It's important to identify key events that will happen in the Event, along with WHERE it will take place..

    RP Style

    Larger events need to be structured. This means that players can only speak when it is their turn. Now as for how this is achieved can be a huge topic in itself, and only really by trial and error will this be discovered.. However, there are 2 methods to start with initially..

    Ordered: Where each player has an order to speak. For instance, 3 players go in the order A:B:C:A:B:C....
    Paired Groups: Where each player pairs with another who go in the order A:B:A:B... and they form a part of the RP. This works well with fights, where each player picks someone of the opposing side and fights them.. This allows multiple battles to go on but structured and works well. See the convoy ambush log for examples of this.


    Nice and simple, a list of players needs to be maintained.


    The time of an event needs to be set with a date, time and GMT offset. My recommendation is to start RP events at the start of an ingame new day.


    In larger groups, each player should be assigned a role to participate. In fights that is simple, assign eachother a fighting partner.. In other RP events, there may be a need for multiple roles, such as healers, alchemists, thiefs.. These need to be allocated before the event, along with a general description.

    Thread Creation

    • Create a thread in the forums!!!
    • Ensure the title has appropriate tags "[]" (See existing examples)
    • Use the headings above, the more structured it is the easier it is to read

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    At certain points this might be inaccurate due to the current state of MK3, but you get a beautiful idea of what to do.

    Now go thank off your faces to @Sajeth who brought this up from the ashes for us.

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