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    Quote Originally Posted by Ariogaisus View Post
    It feels like the game is getting buggier as time goes on. Logging in has been quite troublesome these last few weeks, white screens and everything.
    Could very well be, the game is barely running anymore - as I said, the codebase is so old, I needed to reroute all PHP logs to /dev/null because the sheer amount of PHP warnings and deprecated-messages actually caused a complete server crash.

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    I guess the only thing left to ask is, what now? Seeing as the game is being held together (English version anyhow) with tape and bits of string, I wonder what the plans for the future are.
    Are you working on anything, Sajeth? Do you still want to work on MKX?
    If I were you, I wouldn't wish to, because it's such a huge investment with little to no return. Considering the problems you've outlined, I start thinking how long the original MK will even last.

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    That's a pretty good question, I started outlining my though process in another German thread, have a translated version: (Google seems to have done an OK job on this one)

    Another problem is that there is no interest and nobody helping me or working with me. The German MK3 had problems the English one never had - namely that we had some very active power players that somehow got into their mind the administration (me) was the root of all evil and did everything in their power to antagonize me. This curbed my enthusiams pretty hard and drove others completely out of the dev team.
    I mean those people repeatedly claimed that everything would be perfect if we, the owners, administrators and creators, would just finally fuck off, so we did and look at what good it did.

    Now there is pretty much nobody left, except for some diehards on MK3 that seem to think any change is devil's work. And working alone is not fun.
    Still, there were many projects, and I outlined them in the above link. What's missing are my plans for going forward - there are some, but I have to ponder about how sustainable each of them is.
    Nonetheless, the interest is pretty much dead. If nobody shows any interest whatsoever, what is the point of it? Not that I didn't think about shutting everything down for good, but I couldn't bring myself to do it so far - although I know I should've done so long ago.
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    Guess this is a community torn apart by drama, eh?
    What I didn't understand about the Gothic Multiplayer thing is that I realize there were two main mods for NOTR, GMP, something called Accrescere and a German version that was better than the aforementioned ones.
    I hear the first two merged, but its development seems inactive. Then there are some trying to mod multiplayer into the original Gothic and that's even more confusing, because it's also in German.
    Was this MK version going to be a server using one of these mods or something in its own right?

    Zarmonica looks cool, but was it going to be an MMO using some design elements from the Gothic series?

    I wonder whether PSM (interesting, what does the acronym stand for?) could be used as a concept for something else.

    That's all the question I have, for now.

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    Every gaming community does have problems with entitlement, childish groupthink and teenage rebellion. Still, I have to admit, the WorldofPlayers-Community is one of the more toxic ones I've encountered so far, and the MK community is largely a subset of the WoP community.

    The MK GMP was using a mod based on this server: - don't ask me which one it is, I think this is the result of the merge.
    There were no "real" coders in any of the GMP servers I've mentioned in my post, they knew how to (somewhat) script in LUA, but the results are a mess, not mentioning stuff like "running the Windows version of the server in Wine on a Debian server because they don't know how to set executable flags in unix".
    It looks like you just took the worst practices you could come up with and cram then into a LUA script, database server credentials all over the place, zero input sanitazion (except clientside)... if you wanted to, you could prune all those servers with a few manipulated requests.
    Still, they are putting a lot of work into this and the results seem to be cool, so I'll give them props for that.

    Zamonica is a world, and we had different concepts for it - both single-player as well as a multiplayer dungeon crawler, interesting stuff, I will probably recycle some of it. The atmosphere and some design concepts were based on the Gothic feeling, the dark, adult european fantasy (as in contrast to brighter, US-fantasy like Oblivion).
    PSM was creatively named for "Projekt Sajeth & Magnus", the nicknames of the two main MK admins at the time. It was basically supposed to become a 3D interface for Minenkolonie, with the same round based combat, events, etc, think early Final Fantasy as MMO.
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    I'll never leave.
    I feel silly now that I left my post as Highest Water Mage, seeing as I can't be voted back there. Nostalgia.
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    Two of the most pleasant feelings in the world: Nostalgia and Anticipation. Minekolonie combines them perfectly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merc View Post
    Two of the most pleasant feelings in the world: Nostalgia and Anticipation. Minekolonie combines them perfectly.
    I can't disagree with that statement.

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    This place depresses me.
    I wonder, how the German community is doing.

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    Dying a slow death.
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