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    Bugs, glitches, improvements and suggestions

    This is the place where you guys and myself can report any errors encountered in the game and make suggestions to improve everybody's experience.

    Here's my take so far.

    #1 BUG - When you log on to the site and see the list of link on the right (admin support, forums, chatbox, character, etc..) , if you click on the ,,Forums link" it gets you ,,Object not found" .
    #2 Bug - The link for Loriend's Roleplaying handbook is the same (
    ) - object not ofund
    #3 Bug/improvement - If you enter Silas's tavern and go to the alchemy table, if you have a lab flask and 100 ore but no more rounds available, and click brew potion - it directs you to the brewing screen but if you have no round it says you are ,,too tired to brew anything" . The problem is that the 100 ore you paid to go the alchemy table is gone even if you didn't have any rounds to begin with.

    My suggestion is that if you don't have a lab flask, alchemy skill and 100 ore , you simply cannot go into the alchemy brewing screen.

    At the moment it's all I've got for now, I'm logging in to the game daily, but don't have a lot of time to write right now.
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    #1 and #2 bugs relate to the same problem, and that is the old forum no longer available. I still don't know if Saj wants to bring some important threads from there back and repost them here; then it would be simple jst to change the redirect link.

    The #3 bug is more of a fool-proof, really :P if you don't have the skill, why would you want to go there? :3

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